paraffin wax bath

Paraffin Wax Bath

Used in finger injuries and peripheral fractures, joint stiffness, rheumatic conditions reducing stiffness. This help to reduce tightness and makes joint movement easier better recovery in post-op cases.

Paraffin wax for physiotherapy helps in reducing body stiffness and pain and also moisturizes the skin and regulates blood circulation in the body. This is mainly used in hands and feet but can also be done in the entire body. Paraffin wax has an exceptionally high warmth limit, which means it can ingest and hold an extraordinary measure of warmth. A paraffin wax shower exploits paraffin's kindness holding limit in a straightforward procedure called heat transfer. As it liquefies, it turns out to retain heat. At that point, when a hand, foot, or other zone is dunked into the warm shower, the paraffin rapidly changes into a strong, moving the warmth to the plunged region. That's the very reason for the use of paraffin in physiotherapy wax treatment.

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